Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Questions - About the Blog

Why did the blog vanish into thin air?

As I went to bed last night, I couldn't stop refreshing the blog - waiting for updates. When I woke up this morning, it was the first thing I checked. I checked it all morning at work. Then suddenly, because of hateful emails and comments, "D" (April's father) made the sudden decision to remove every post that had ever been up on the blog. HUH??? The blog is currently sitting with over 900,000 visitors in it's history - people who became attached to this story and became emotionally invested in April's story. But the story is gone now.

That leads me to my next question about the blog:

Why on Earth, if your girlfriend gave birth to a dying baby in your home less than 24 hours ago, would you be reading your emails and worrying about your blog???


  1. Thank you! I appreciate this blog because it is simply stating what has been said and all according to the blog that we all read. We aren't making this up, we are all questioning, after the fact, what was done for "April".

  2. I have not seen anyone mention the fact that she had BlogHer ads up on the blog almost the entire time. Does everyone know that these ads pay per HIT on the blog itself. Readers don't even have to click the ad for them to get they were definitely bringing in tons of money, and still are! Ironically they are still up as people continue to reload the page to see if there is an update.

    I have no opinion one way or the other, am praying either way. I just want everyone to know that whether or not they asked for money-money was definitely coming in, putting BlogHer ads up is a big process (it takes time and you have to apply and such). Would be interested in contacting BlogHer to find out who is registered with them and gets paid form them!

  3. I thought that too. Even when I believed that the blog might be real - Blog Her ads are so competitive, that somehow this blog gets chosen to post ads even though they are currently on a wait list. It's probably because the site was so popular. So I thought "It's a shame she's using this tragedy to get in with BlogHer." I wish BlogHer would pull them. The RuffleButts ad is still up, but she's asked them repeatedly to take them down.

  4. Exactly ~ why would blogging be the primary concern when a baby is born and is supposedly dying?

    And why would you be reading emails?

    And why would you delete the blog containing ALL of the details of your "baby's" life? All of the information about the pregnancy? Wouldn't you want to keep that stuff to remember?

  5. You hit the nail on the head. Why would you be worried about your blog at all! I have birthed 3 children all of which had minor set backs after delivery and not for one second was I near a computer nor was my husband!

  6. this is all conjecture. I appreciate the discussion, and I am not saying I dont agree it was fake, but my concern is on the off chance its real, we are TOTALLY abandoning B...and I would take my blog down too if within a day of my sick childs birth there were 20 new sites titled
    again, just playin the other side here...

  7. If this is all a fraud, I'm just wondering why B would have taken the time to post the "HIS WILL WEDNESDAYS?" I guess it encouraged more hits, thus more money???