Monday, June 8, 2009

The Pictures of Little April Rose

Oh goodness, where to begin with the pictures. First off, let me direct you to this blog: There are tons of pictures that raise a million questions. I suppose the first point that people are raising is that they have identified the pictures that were posted of April Rose as a very well known doll. I know nothing of the doll, but I must say the pictures on the blog above are pretty compelling for that argument.

Let's hypothetically say that the pictures that were posted of April, really were her and she just had a beyond crazy resemblance to this doll . . . I still have lots of questions:

Do you know what Trisomy 13 looks like? I invite you to try google images:

Do you know what Holoprosencephaly looks like? Again google images:

And finally, you can also use google images to look at what a 4-5 pound baby looks like.

The pictures posted on the "Little April Rose" website could not possibly have been of a child suffering from the conditions her parents claim.


  1. There had been severalt times when something just didn't feel right while reading her blog. As soon as I saw the first photo of April (and after lightening it) my first thought was "reborn doll." I got a sick feeling.

    Wasn't she something like 42 weeks pregnant? Would a mid-wife go along with a high risk baby being born at home when the age of the placenta might put the mother in peril?

  2. The more we bring up good points the more it becomes apparent. I am sure I can speak for most everyone when I say how sad and sickened we are.

  3. I am truly devastated. I prayed every night for this mom and baby since finding her blog several months back.

  4. I had looked up Trisomy 13 and some kids didn't look too bad, so I gave them some benefit of the doubt with the first pictures I saw...but I couldn't explain away Holoprosencephaly. And both of my children weighed a pretty good amount at birth (7lbs 10oz and 8lbs 2 oz) and in their first born pictures my kids looked a lot scrawnier than the apparent April Rose pictures at 4-5lbs.

  5. i do have to say, that a few days ago i looked up her conditions and altho your google images show some pretty malformed people with holoprosencephaly, i DO think april could have looked normal.... because she has LOBAR holoprosencephaly, which i've researched as being the 'highest' (mody 'normal) of the different types with little or no malformations.

    but trust me, i am wondering about alllllll of these questions too, but i just had to say the above because i researched it the other day.

    im anxious to hear what mckmama has to say about this since i FOR SURE trust mckmama and mckmama supposedly has actually talked to "B" before. we shall see.

    -megan from wi